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Luca Ghini (Casalfiumanese 1490 – Bologna, May 4, 1556) was an Italian physician and botanist, notable as the creator of the first recorded herbarium, as well as the first botanical garden in Europe.(Wikipedia)


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About Ghini

Ghini is a software application to help manage collections of botanical specimens. It is intended for (and it is indeed used by) botanic gardens, herbaria, private collectors, etc. to manage their collection information.

For those who know and/or use Bauble and are wondering, Ghini is Bauble, only with a different name, which is easier to pronounce for the current Italian maintainer, and easier to explain if anyone asks.


User Reviews

What User Say About Bauble and Ghini


The current documentation for Ghini is hosted at readthedocs.


Choose the version you want to install, open its documentation page and look for the installation instructions.

The most likely thing is that you want to read it all here, and you can probably find it translated in your preferred language.

Ghini Development

You can visit the project page and browse the latest source code from github at Ghini/ghini.desktop or check it out with...

git clone https://github.com/Ghini/ghini.desktop.git

and yes, indeed Ghini is hiring.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why was the Bauble project started?
    At Belize Botanic Gardens people felt that the other collection management software was either too expensive, inadequate or only supported Windows so they decided to create their own.
  2. But why for free?
    Commercial collection management software is economically out of reach for most institutions, save the largest ones in a few countries. Bauble/Ghini contribute to providing unrestricted access to management of information related to biodiversity.
  3. What's this GNU Public License?
    Ghini and Bauble are not just free as free beer, they are free as free speech. The GPL is a license that guarantees that the freedoms you are given with the product will stick to the product for ever. The GPL answers the question "what if someone makes it proprietary": only the owners of the copyright can do that, and Ghini has already no less than 10 authors.
  4. How can I contribute to development?
    Nice one. You can hire a Bauble/Ghini developer for a short project, targeting at adding some features to it. Or you can send money to the developers, because money does not stink. Or you can contribute code and/or ideas. Anyway this would start by contacting a developer and talking about it and check with their availability.
  5. I found a bug. What can I do about it?
    For bug reports, but also for technical and generic questions, don't be shy, get a github account and file a bug report here.


For more information about Bauble/Ghini or if you have any other questions and you do not want to get a github account, please write to bauble@googlegroups.com. A developer will reply as soon as possible.

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