the intention two months ago was to close this milestone after two months, that’s today.

we have addressed and solved 29 issues within the first 7 weeks, then in the last two weeks we maybe gave the impression we had lost focus. what really happened is that we had already solved everything that we wanted to solve, and we started working at the mobile apps.

a couple of the most relevant issues included in milestone 4:

  • #310 - add keyboard shortcuts to windows

    this started by reducing the amount of code, and as a side result, activating omologous keboard shortcuts in all editor windows.

  • #311, #91 - this combination is of such impact, that we have reported about it separately.

  • #225 - one more of large impact: importing a picture collection. we have a youtube video for it.

  • #28 - active tag concept, window-less tagging, again about speeding up data insertion.

the further 24 solved issues are minor, compared to the above big five.