Ghini is a suite of computer programs that help manage collections of botanical specimens. It is intended for botanic gardens, herbaria, private collectors, etc. to manage their collection information.


  • ghini.desktop lets you create and query a database representing objects and events in your plant collection.
  • ghini.web publishes highlights from your database on the web.
  • ghini.pocket puts a snapshot of your database in your handheld device; it helps review your inventory.
  • ghini.tour assists garden visitors with a map and spoken virtual panels.

some history?

In the good-old-bauble-days (2005-2011), Bauble was a purely desktop program, with a couple of attempts to go web-based.

In August 2012 the now centrally placed ghini.web was born and that’s how Ghini activity started. Nevertheless, very soon after project inception, Ghini found out that Bauble existed, and chose to adopt it, rather than start from scratch.

2014 was mostly dedicated to ghini.web, using the very same database as the revived bauble.classic.

In 2015 we shifted focus on bauble.classic, now ghini.desktop. Plants and Species can now have associated pictures.

In 2016 we made ghini.web a garden aggregator, with its own mongo database, and chose to continue development under the unifying name Ghini.

In 2017 we added mobile apps to the Ghini family. More import/export facilities.

In 2018 most active development went into integrating the new mobile apps with the desktop manager, and into porting ghini to python3 and gtk3, add geographic awareness to it, and make it compatible with PostGIS. As far as possible, all new features get backported to ghini-1.0.