I have a couple of weeks, that’s until the first days of September, and I sit at a nice place with unstable internet connection. Good enough for email and committing work, definitely not for much distraction.

Last months I have been working at a different project, and some ideas can be applied here, too. One is about organizing sprints in a more defined way, and reading and gathering information, we got to ZenHub, and a nice idea about labelling issues.

labelling issues

Coming from trac, I was never particularly satisfied with github issues. trac issues have a priority, in github you only have labels, and they work independetly of each other. I had sort of built something mimicking it, combining label names and colours, and I’m happy to see it taken several steps further in this blog post.

We group labels by color, according to broad themes. Labels are consistent across repositories […]. This makes switching between projects easy […]. New team members can learn the system once, and use it everywhere.


Requires further conversation to figure out the action steps. Most feature ideas start here.

discussion, rfc, question


Issues that make the product feel broken. High priority, especially if its present in production.



Affect user’s comprehension, or overall enjoyment of the product. These can be both opportunities and “UX bugs”, or failing documentation.

documentation, opportunity, ux.


Converting measurements, reorganizing folder structure, and other necessary (but less impactful) tasks.



Iterations on existing features or infrastructure. Generally these update speed, or improve the quality of results. Adding a new “Owner” field to an existing “Calendar” model in the API, for example.



Brand new functionality. New pages, workflows, endpoints, etc.



Taking action, but need a few things to happen first. A feature that needs dependencies merged, or a bug that needs further data.

need-stuff, need-info, need-issue


Android, Windows, OSX, GNU/Linux.


Production line.

ghini-1.0, ghini-3.1, ghini-3.2, mobile.


No action needed or possible. The issue is either fixed, addressed better by other issues, or just out of product scope.

duplicate, invalid, wontfix.

Not an issue

much more than just an issue.