Ghini has finally made the move to Python3. It was a long due step, Python2 is reaching end of life, and support will be dropped after January 1st, 2020. Although the new ghini.desktop-3.1 is functionally 99% the same as ghini.desktop-1.0, they are however not compatible on database level. Here you have a brief overview of the most visible differences:

we fixed two design mistakes: one which made taxon tables mutually inconsistent and the code less readable, one which prevented us from using ghini on a PostGIS database.

ghini.desktop-3.1 allows for Notes to Locations and to Tags.

In particular adding notes to Tags, and the new more compact interface makes Tags more akin to NoSQL documents. As in g.d-1.0, you can attach them to as many objects as you like, now in g.d-3.1 you can define their structure on the fly.