Dear Users, I know that ghini.pocket crashes under some circumstances, I’ve received reports about it.

  • you can go to the results page even if you didn’t search for anything. this isn’t correct, the software shouldn’t allow this, but it does. once you put poor ghini.pocket in this incorrect situation, it will be easy for you to make it crash, just insert data relative to the empty accession code, and poor ghini.pocket will crash. can you blame it!

  • if you request that ghini.pocket records the current geographic coordinates, looks like it will crash. that has been reported, I will be very happy to hear under which circumstances this happens, things like, what phone or tablet, and if you can change any settings that will let ghini.pocket not crash.

thank you warmly for all your support and feedback!

I’m currently busy on ghini.desktop, in order to release 1.0.81. I need to clean up a few new bugs, apparently no unit tests cover some quite common situations.