We have a new ghini.pocket: version 1.4, APK5.

This one lets you collect plant data, including your GPS geographic location and pictures.

So: use it to review your inventory, or use it to populate your database, or both.

ghini.pocket 1.4 has four pages:

  • taxonomic help
  • search
  • results
  • correct

In theory, but I should test this usage, you could think of:

  • grabbing a bunch of new labels,
  • go to a garden location,
  • scan a label,
  • pocket will tell you it is not there,
  • go to the ‘correct’ page,
  • give an initial identification,
  • maybe take a picture of the plant,
  • save the record,
  • repeat until you have finished your new labels.

Then go to the desktop and import the log.