New year, new name, so much has been changing in the desktop software, that it has become quite different than the original ‘bauble’. The web prototype has been growing slow, it’s still not much more than a prototype, but let’s just choose this day and finally say it’s time to join stuff under one name.

The external event triggering the decision is that the original author rolled back bauble to when he was the only contributor, and is now playing at his own web based bauble, based on a different technology than ghini’s, releasing it under a permissive licence.

I think that to have two different programs under one name will only confuse people: better two different programs under two different names.

Thanks to Francesca Ponzio for the new logo!


new name means some changes in the links, too.

we share the same google group with bauble, we started a new project for ghini’s internationalisation efforts on weblate, I moved ghini.web out of my own sandbox, in the new Ghini organization on github, and we still share one facebook page with Bauble.

There’s still the more technical sites travis-ci,, and Sentry. The first two moved to Ghini, the last one stays on Bauble.