I’m slowly recovering from my first hemorragic dengue, let’s hope I won’t need to go through a second one. During the first week of January Saskia and I moved to Mompox, she’s going to describe the “Cuchubo” botanic garden, I’m going to support her with the database.

A couple of years ago we came across this ‘bauble’ thing, and we came back to it now. it’s not working any more: library have changed, things have been deprecated, and are now unsupported, the whole software needs some care. The new bauble.web is still just a project, and Brett suggests we just use the classic version: as far as he’s concerned, future lays in bauble.web, and he’s not going to work at bauble.classic any longer.

in Mompox we only need something working, we don’t care if it’s web or desktop, as long as it works—right now, so I forked the software, and will have a look, it can’t be that difficult, just updating a few dependencies, can it?