Now this is something practical.

That old remark by one of our German users, about grouping objects under the same Acquisition object, no, we didn’t do that, we can’t do that without a change in the database structure, and I am still procrastinating on database structure changes.

But now we have something coming quite close to it, for all objects that share equally worded notes.

So, although this means, no, no Acquisition object, it also means you can with one simple double click select not just all Accessions acquired the same way, but also:

  • all plants sent in the same sending,
  • all species marked in the same red-list category,
  • in as many red lists as are available for you country,

so once again, imagination is the limit.

the following video, admittedly longish, shows how to prepare a seeds shipping, while it its last 30s it shows the feature here mentioned:

seeds bank