I have been digging for information, this was during the Panama regional conference. In the meanwhile, since I’m writing this post 18 months later than the timestamp, I can’t recall where I found the information, but here it comes, so maybe it can be used as reference.

  • SEABG: South East Asia Botanic Gardens.
  • EABGN: East Asia Botanic.
  • European garden network / consortium

Conservation action plan for botanic gardens of the Caribbean islands publication mentioned on amazon and BGCI - publisher, Peter as co-author. the links on BGCI page are broken

not mentioned in list of BGCI publications

it’s been in a drawer for 18 years, target group not even aware of existence.

At the conference we had two of the three copyright holders of the publication. It would be so nice if we could find the third person, and have all agree in changing the license to an Creative Commons, and make it available.

2018-03-23: I’m afraid I need to dig for it again, and ask a direct question to the copyright holders.